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Studio overview

The studio overview page allows you to get a bird’s-eye view of everything that is going on at the Studio, across different projects and departments.

In this article we will learn how to Get an overview of your project and see What is everyone occupied with.

Getting an overview of your projects

The project page offers three different views of the projects at the studio:

  • Cards view
  • List view
  • Timeline view

The cards and list view will show you all the projects that you’re currently tracking in ftrack. This is a good way to get a glimpse of all projects.


Project card view


Project list view


You can use filters to narrow down on the projects that you’re interested in.

To get more details and see the timeline and complete schedule of a project you can go to the Timeline view. The Timeline view will show you information on all projects, with calendar events, tasks and milestones.


Project timeline view


You can run actions from the studio overview pages. Learn more here.

What is everyone occupied with

On the users page it is possible to get an overview of what everyone is occupied with. It shows the complete schedule of a user, including both tasks and calendar events.


You can use filters to narrow down on a specific group of users that you’re interested in.


User timeline view

If calendar events are used to represent leave (e.g. vacation or parental leave) it is possible to know exactly what everyone is doing and who is available for work.

Using dashboards

Dashboards can be used to save and re-use filters and other settings in Studio overview.

When you want to save a new dashboard or update an exisiting one, simply click the Save dashboard button from the filters panel.


Save filters into a dashboard