Using time reportsΒΆ

The API can be used to gather timelogs from all users to generate various reports.

Read time reports for the last month for the current user:

import getpass
import datetime
import calendar

monthStart =
monthEnd = monthStart.replace(
    day=calendar.monthrange(monthStart.year, monthStart.month)[-1]

user = ftrack.User(getpass.getuser())

# Get timelogs for user in current month.
timelogs = user.getTimelogs(

# Sum total duration.
totalDuration = 0
for timelog in timelogs:
    totalDuration += timelog.get('duration')

print '{0} logged {1} hours between {2:%x} and {3:%x}.'.format(
    user.getName(), totalDuration / 60 / 60, monthStart, monthEnd