Using listsΒΆ

Lists are collections of existing objects in ftrack. When creating a list you need to specify the type of objects the list accepts. There are two options, Sequence/Shot/Task or Asset versions. The default is Sequence/Shot/Task.

Create a list for shots in the trailer:

project = ftrack.getProject('dev_tutorial')

# Get category for list.
category = ftrack.getListCategories()[0]

# Create a list that accepts tasks.
trailerList = project.createList('trailer', category)

# Get some shots to add to the list.
shot1 = ftrack.getShot(['dev_tutorial', '001', '010'])
shot2 = ftrack.getShot(['dev_tutorial', '001', '020'])
shot3 = ftrack.getShot(['dev_tutorial', '001', '030'])

# Add a single shot to the list.

# Add several shots to the list at once.
trailerList.extend([shot2, shot3])

# Display the names of all shots in the list.
for shot in trailerList:
    print shot.getName()

Create a review list that can be used for dailies:

# Create a list that accepts asset versions.
dailies = project.createList(
    'dailies', category, ftrack.AssetVersion

version = shot1.getAssets()[0].getVersions()[0]

# Add an asset version to the list.