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Managing objectsΒΆ

Objects are the main building blocks in a project and can be used to build the project hierarchy. Task and Milestone are built in objects that cannot be changed or removed. All other objects can be modified or new objects created to suit the projects your company is working on.


A visual effects project could include the following:

  • Asset build
  • Shot
  • Sequence
  • Task
  • Milestone

while a simple game project could have:

  • Asset build
  • Level
  • Folder
  • Task
  • Milestone

and a software project could have:

  • Epic
  • Story
  • Task
  • Milestone

To use objects in a project they have to be added to the workflow schema used by that project.

Click Create to create a new object or double click a row or click the pen icon to edit an object.

Name:The name of the object.
Icon:The icon that will be used for the object throughout ftrack.
Priority:Whether the object can have a priority.
Status:Whether the object can have a status.
Type:Whether the object can have a type.