Warning! This documentation is outdated. Visit help center for the latest documentation.

Using review sessions

A review session is a collection of media on which collaborators can leave their feedback. It can only be accessed at specific times through uniquely generated invites sent to each collaborator.


After following the special link, a collaborator is presented with a welcome page that gives an introduction to what the session contains.


Clicking Join Session on the welcome page will then load the main interface.



Clicking an item in the timeline at the bottom will cause the selected item to be either played or displayed (depending on file type) in the viewing area above it.

Use the on screen controls to play/pause media or to jump to a specific time in the currently loaded media. In addition, clicking on the playing media will cause it to pause and enter annotation mode (when supported).


Use the following keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work:

  • Left/Right arrows to step between frames.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right arrows to step between items in the timeline.
  • Spacebar to play/pause a video clip.


Feedback can be added at any time by writing a comment in the text field to the right of the viewer (you might need to click the bubble first to show the feedback pane) or by annotating the currently displayed image using the annotation tools above the viewer.


Annotations made on a frame will automatically be attached as a file to a comment upon submit.

A collaborator can also mark an item as either approved or requiring changes by toggling the relevant status buttons to the left above the player.



Each collaborator has their own approval status for each item in the timeline so no need to worry about disagreements between collaborators!


Annotations can also be enabled via the keyboard shortcuts:

  • P to activate Pen tool.
  • C to activate Circle tool.
  • A to activate Arrow tool.

Zoom and pan

Zooming and panning can be done using the Zoom and Pan tools in the interface.


Zoom and Pan can be activated via keyboard shortcuts:

  • Z to activate Zoom in/out tool.
  • ALT toggle between zoom in and out if Zoom tool is enabled.
  • H to activate Pan tool.


If downloads are enabled by the creator of the client review, a download section will appear under the comments tab. From the downloads tab, the original file together with the compressed version can be downloaded if they are available.


Browser support

We try to ensure that client reviews works in as many browsers as possible, but in order to deliver advanced functionality such as annotations we utilize features that are only available in modern browsers. For the best experience we recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Known issues

There is a known bug in Safari 9 and 10 under mac OS 10.11 which will cause the annotations tool to always grab the first frame instead of the current frame. You can work around the issue by changing browser tab after pausing before using annotations, or by using another browser.