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Time tracking report

Use the time tracking report to get a summary of logged hours with the ability to narrow down and see detailed information on each time log. Go to Reports ‣ Time tracking to run the report.


The report supports grouping and summaries of data based on User, Date, Project and Task type.

The main report consists of the following columns:

Column:The grouped column (User, Date, Project or Task type).
Total:Total hours logged.
Billable:Billable hours logged, this is based on the task type and if it is configured to be billable.
Non billable:Non-billable hours logged, this is based on the task type and if it is configured to be billable.

The report can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

Adding filters

On the right hand side of the report a filter panel can be toggled that allows you to narrow down the data in the report based on Time range, Projects, Project status, Users and Groups.

Getting details

You can click on an item in the main report to get more information on something of interest. This will show the details pane where you can further explore the data.

The details spreadsheet also supports grouping of data and can show time logs summarised based on User, Date, Project, Task, Task type or individual time logs.


To export the Time tracking report simply click the Export button and select format.

Exporting as Excel will export the raw timelogs from the main spreadsheet with the currently selected filters but without any grouping applied.


If no date filter is specified This month will be used as default.