Projects report

With the Projects report it is possible to generate summary reports on projects in ftrack. Go to Reports ‣ Projects to run the report.


The main report consists of the following columns:

Project:Name of the project being summarised
Status:Status of the project, can be Active or Hidden.
Due date:Due date of the project.
Completion:A percentage of how many tasks are in Done state.
Users:Total number of users assigned to tasks on the project.
Hours tracked:Total hours logged on the project.
Billable:Total bid hours that are billable on the project. Billable is based on the configuration of the Task types and if they’re billable or not.

The report can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

Adding filters

On the right hand side of the report a filter panel can be toggled that allows you to narrow down the data in the report based on Task due date, Task type, Projects, Project status, Users and Groups.

Getting details

To get further details on a project you can click on an item in the main report. This will open the details pane with summary information about:

Completion:Percentage of how many tasks are in Done state.
Users:The number of users assigned to tasks.
Hours tracked:Total hours logged.
Tasks scheduled:The number of tasks scheduled.
Tasks unassigned:The number of tasks unassigned.
Tasks overdue:The number of tasks that are overdue.
Milestones overdue:The number of milestones that are overdue.