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import os

from .base import Structure
from ..component import Component

class IdStructure(Structure):
[docs] '''Id based structure supporting Components only. A components unique id will be used to form a path to store the data at. To avoid millions of entries in one directory each id is chunked into four prefix directories with the remainder used to name the file:: /prefix/1/2/3/4/56789 If the component has a defined filetype it will be added to the path:: /prefix/1/2/3/4/56789.exr Components that are children of container components will be placed inside the id structure of their parent:: /prefix/1/2/3/4/56789/355827648d.exr /prefix/1/2/3/4/56789/ajf24215b5.exr However, sequence children will be named using their label as an index and a common prefix of 'file.':: /prefix/1/2/3/4/56789/file.0001.exr /prefix/1/2/3/4/56789/file.0002.exr ''' def getResourceIdentifier(self, entity):
[docs] '''Return a *resourceIdentifier* for supplied *entity*.''' if not isinstance(entity, Component): raise NotImplementedError('Cannot generate path for unsupported ' 'entity {0}'.format(entity)) systemType = entity.getSystemType() if systemType in ('file',): # When in a container, place the file inside a directory named # after the container. container = entity.getContainer(location=None) if container: path = self.getResourceIdentifier(container) if container.getSystemType() in ('sequence',): # Label doubles as index for now. name = 'file.{0}{1}'.format( entity.getName(), entity.getFileType() ) parts = [os.path.dirname(path), name] else: # Just place uniquely identified file into directory name = entity.getId() + entity.getFileType() parts = [path, name] else: name = entity.getId()[4:] + entity.getFileType() parts = ([self.prefix] + list(entity.getId()[:4]) + [name]) elif systemType in ('sequence',): name = 'file' # Add a sequence identifier. sequenceExpression = self._getSequenceExpression(entity) name += '.{0}'.format(sequenceExpression) if entity.getFileType(): name += entity.getFileType() parts = ([self.prefix] + list(entity.getId()[:4]) + [entity.getId()[4:]] + [name]) elif entity.isContainer(): # Just an id directory parts = ([self.prefix] + list(entity.getId()[:4]) + [entity.getId()[4:]]) else: raise NotImplementedError('Cannot generate path for unsupported ' 'entity {0}'.format(entity)) return self.pathSeparator.join(parts).strip('/')