Source code for FTrackCore.api.review_session_object

# :coding: utf-8
# :copyright: Copyright (c) 2014 ftrack

from .ftobject import FTObject
from .ftlist import FTList
from .review_session_object_status import ReviewSessionObjectStatus
from .client import (xmlServer, Noteable)

[docs]class ReviewSessionObject(FTObject, Noteable): '''Represent review session object.''' _type = 'reviewsessionobject' def _resolveCloudUrl(self): '''Return resolved cloud url if available in location. If object not available in None will be returned. ''' data = { 'reviewSessionObjectId': self.getId() } response = xmlServer.action( 'review_session_object_resolveCloudUrl', data ) return response
[docs] def getStatuses(self): '''Return list of :py:class:`ftrack.ReviewSessionObjectStatus`. If the list is empty no invitees has voted. ''' data = { 'reviewSessionObjectId': self.getId(), 'type': 'reviewsessionobjectstatuses' } response = xmlServer.action( 'get', data ) return FTList([ReviewSessionObjectStatus], response)
[docs] def setStatus(self, status, invitee): '''Set *status* on object for *invitee*. *invitee* should be of type :py:class:`ftrack.ReviewSessionInvitee`. ''' data = { 'reviewSessionObjectId': self.getId(), 'inviteeId': invitee.getId(), 'status': status } response = xmlServer.action( 'review_session_object_setStatus', data ) return ReviewSessionObjectStatus(dict=response)