Source code for FTrackCore.api.review_session

# :coding: utf-8
# :copyright: Copyright (c) 2014 ftrack

from .ftobject import FTObject
from .ftlist import FTList
from .client import xmlServer
from .review_session_object import ReviewSessionObject
from .review_session_invitee import ReviewSessionInvitee

[docs]def getReviewSessions(projectId): '''Return all review sessions on *projectId*.''' response = xmlServer.action( 'getReviewSessions', { 'project_id': projectId } ) return FTList(ReviewSession, response)
[docs]def createReviewSession(name, description, projectId): '''Create review session on *projectId* with *name* and *description*.''' data = { 'type': 'reviewsession', 'description': description, 'name': name, 'project_id': projectId } response = xmlServer.action('create', data) return ReviewSession(dict=response)
[docs]class ReviewSession(FTObject): '''Represent review session.''' _type = 'reviewsession'
[docs] def reviewSessionObjects(self): '''Return a `ftrack.FTList` of `ftrack.ReviewSessionObject`. .. warning:: Deprecated method, use :meth:`ftrack.ReviewSession.getObjects`. ''' return self.getObjects()
[docs] def getObjects(self): '''Return a `ftrack.FTList` of `ftrack.ReviewSessionObject`.''' data = { 'type': 'reviewsessionobjects', 'id': self.getId() } response = xmlServer.action('get', data) items = FTList([ReviewSessionObject], response) return items
[docs] def createObject( self, assetVersion, name='', description='', version='', syncAssetVersionData=False ): '''Create a new review session object on review session. *assetVersion* should be an instance of :py:class:`ftrack.AssetVersion`. Optionally specify a *name*, *description*, *version* number which will be visible when viewing the review session in the web interface. If *syncAssetVersionData* is set to `True` the name, description and version will be set based on the assetVersion. ''' data = dict( name=name, description=description, version=version, version_id=assetVersion.getId(), review_session_id=self.getId(), syncAssetVersionData=syncAssetVersionData, type='reviewsessionobject' ) response = xmlServer.action('create', data) return ReviewSessionObject(dict=response)
[docs] def getInvitees(self): '''Return all invitees on review session.''' data = dict( type='reviewsessioninvitees', id=self.getId() ) response = xmlServer.action('get', data) items = FTList([ReviewSessionInvitee], response) return items
[docs] def createInvitee(self, email, name): '''Create a new invitee with *email* and *name* on review session.''' data = dict( name=name, email=email, review_session_id=self.getId(), type='reviewsessioninvitee' ) response = xmlServer.action('create', data) return ReviewSessionInvitee(dict=response)