Setting up task boardsΒΆ


Task board configuration is available in ftrack 2.3v1 and later.

Task boards can be fully customized to better suit your studio. It is possible to change the number of columns, their names and what task statuses a column represent.

There are currently two different task boards. One in My Tasks and one in Projects as a separate dashboard. The one in Projects works like any other dashboard and can be viewed for any object on the project including lists.


Each task board can be edited individually but will apply for all users on all projects.

The task board editor visualises what the board will look like and uses drag/drop to reorder columns and move statuses between columns.

The column furthest to the left contains unmapped statuses that can be dragged to any existing column. Unmapped statuses will not be included in the task board.


By default, task board columns will be based on the states “Not started”, “In progress” and “Done” which are set per task status. When a task board is customized, new task statuses will not be included in the columns automatically. Instead they will appear in the “unmapped statuses” column and have to be mapped manually.