Enabling time zones supportΒΆ


Time zones support is available in ftrack 2.3v1 and later.

You can enable time zone support in ftrack. This allows users working in different time zones to collaborate and see the correct date and time for any given object.

To enable it on a locally hosted server, follow these steps:

  1. Set the server time on the physical server to UTC.

  2. Add the following setting to your ftrack.ini file:

    ftrack.enabletimezone = true
  3. Restart the server.


If you change time zone on a ftrack server with already existing data, old dates and times will not be displayed correctly. The reason is that they were not saved in the UTC timezone. However, all new data will be saved and displayed correctly.


The API return and expect UTC datetime.datetime objects when time zone support is enabled.

To enable time zone support on a cloud server, please contact support@ftrack.com.