Creating new versions

Versions can be created in several ways in ftrack, by uploading files in the web interface or by publishing assets using the API, ftrack connect or integrations. Read more about the differences below.

Uploading versions using the web interface

You can upload files using the web interface to create new versions quickly. Uploaded files will then be available for other people to view, download or import as assets in integrations.

To create a new version, simply open the sidebar for the object you wish to attach the version to. Open the Versions tab and then either drag and drop the file you wish to upload, or press Browse to browse for the file.


When creating versions by uploading them in the web interface, an asset of the type Upload will be created. If a file with the same filename had been previously been uploaded, the version number of the existing asset will be incremented instead. This way, each time you upload the same file a new version will be created.

For example, say you upload a file with the filename Project proposal.doc. This will generate an asset version with the name Project proposal v1. After you have done some changes, you upload the file again. The resulting version will have the name Project proposal v2. You then upload a new file called Project budget.doc, this will generate a new version with the name Project budget v1.

The component created to represent the file will be added to the ftrack.server location. If the uploaded file type is of one the supported file types, an encoding job will be started and once finished the version can be reviewed from the web interface.


Creating versions by uploading files using the web UI is currently only available in the sidebar, and not on the versions page.


It is currently not possible to change the asset type, description or version number of the created version.

Using the Upload media for review dialog

Another possibility when uploading media for review, is to use the Upload media for review dialog. It allows you to upload versions on multiple objects at once, write a description and get email notification once encoding has finished.

Publishing versions using Connect and integrations

Connect provides a simple publisher application to support publishing files directly from your computer without the need to open another application.

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We also provide various integrations which provide support for publishing assets directly within the application.

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Publishing versions using the API

For the most flexibility, you can also publish version via the API or use it develop your custom integration for publishing assets.