Application programming interface.

An implementation (typically a Python plugin) for accessing a particular type of storage using a specific protocol.
A container for asset versions, typically representing the output from an artist. For example, ‘geometry’ from a modeling artist. Has an asset type that categorises the asset.
asset build
A container to hold tasks that together define the work involved when creating something reusable such as a 3D model. An asset build is part of the visible project hierarchy and should not be confused with asset.
asset path prefix
A configurable prefix to use when constructing asset paths.
asset type
Category for a particular asset. Defined in ftrack web interface under Settings ‣ Asset types.
asset version
A specific version of data for an asset. Can contain multiple components.
A Python interface to Amazon Web Services.
A container to hold any type of data (such as a file or file sequence). An asset version can have any number of components, each with a specific name. For example, a published version of geometry might have two components containing the high and low resolution files, with the component names as ‘hires’ and ‘lowres’ respectively.
context menu
A menu that can be accessed using right click or from an arrow icon.
disk prefix
The operating system dependant prefix specified for a disk in the web interface.
Daylight saving time.
ftrack connect

Integration of ftrack with other systems and the desktop. Provided by a core service that runs on each individuals machine and then separate integration plugins into a variety of third-party software.

See also

ftrack connect

Hiero Player
Hiero Player is a digital review tool from
Integrations are used extend the functionality of an application and integrate it with another system, such as ftrack. ftrack offers several integrations, available from
Jobs are used in ftrack to represent long-running tasks, such as media encoding and exports. The jobs menu is opened from the top bar.
(JavaScript Object Notation), a lightweight data-interchange format. Visit the website at
A list in ftrack is an object that can contain other objects. There are currently two types of lists, lists that can contain versions and lists that can contain other objects such as tasks.

Locations provides a way to easily track and manage data (files, image sequences etc.) using ftrack.

An enhanced drop-in replacement for the MySQL database. Visit the website at
Markup language with with plain text formatting syntax.
ftrack is equipped with an internal messaging system that can be used to instantly send messages to other users. See Using Messages
A milestone represents an important date. This could be final delivery or something else that people should be aware of.
More menu
The menu at the top of the sidebar.
A popular database. Visit the website at
notification bar
A bar at the top of the screen of the ftrack web interface that appears when necessary to display important information.
A phase defines work that should be done for a project at a certain time. It can hold information about who should do it and what type of work it includes.
project folder
A folder path, specific to a project, that will be used when constructing resource paths. Can be set via the web interface.
project outliner
The tree navigation to the left in the Projects section.
A programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively. Often used in creative industries. Visit the language website at
resource identifier
A string that is stored in ftrack as a reference to a resource (such as a file) in a specific location. Used by accessors to determine how to access data.
Room provides stress-free video calls and screen sharing within your browser. Visit their website at
RV is a digital review tool from
The sidebar is the panel that slides in from the right side when you click on a blue link in ftrack. It contains more information about that object and its children.
tasks spreadsheet
The main project view that shows the full project hierarchy with objects and their tasks.
A protocol for bidirectional communication over a single connection. Used in ftrack for the event system. See for more information.
Workday length
How many hours a full work day is. The value can be set in System settings ‣ Scheduling ‣ Settings.