Configuring server options

Config options are used to enable or disable certain features or behavior in ftrack. They are specified on the ftrack server in /opt/ftrack_config/ftrack.ini under the [DEFAULT] section. After modifying the config file ftrack must be restarted for the changes to apply.

Service secret

A service secret is required to have internal services working properly. A secret needs to be generated and added to the ini file.

ftrack.service_secret = SOME_SECRET

The secret should be random and at least 36 characters long. A secret can be generated like this:

python -c 'import uuid;print uuid.uuid4()'

Server URL

The server URL needs to be set to let ftrack know what URL your users will be using to connect to the server. The URL is used to generate emails correctly and ensure some of the internal services are working properly. The URL should contain protocol.

ftrack.server_url = http://my-company-ftrack


The URL must be accessible from the ftrack server as it will also be used for internal communication.

PDF export font

Specify the font file that should be used when exporting a PDF.

ftrack.pdf_export_font_path = /ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_FONT/FONT.ttf


The path have to be an absolute path and the font must be in ttf format.

Custom layouts

Specify a folder with JSON configuration files.


The configuration files are loaded when the server starts. To apply new changes, the server needs to be restarted.

ftrack.form_layout_path = /PATH/TO/FOLDER/WITH/LAYOUTS

Read more about layouts

Due date in Tasks widget

Enable due date column in Tasks widget in sidebar.